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Heavy-Duty Truck Towing in Oxnard, California

In business since 1951, Owl Towing & Storage has the experience and equipment necessary to get the job done and get it done right. With 24/7 emergency truck towing services, rapid response, and affordable rates, no one beats Owl Towing & Storage.

Commercial Vehicle Towing

Whether you have delivery vehicles, ambulances, or large vans—you name it, we tow it. Our certified drivers tow your vehicle back to our yard or to your preferred repair facility.

Heavy-Duty Equipment Towing

Of course, we aren't just limited to truck towing. Specializing in heavy-duty towing services, we transport large machinery, construction equipment, and supplies locally and long distance. Please contact us for specific sizing. We can even tow cranes, 18-wheelers, and campers.

Light-Duty Vehicle Towing

We can tow anything from motorcycles to minivans and everything in between. We are available 24/7 for emergency service. Roadside assistance services also available.
Tow truck carrying car - Emergency service towing in Oxnard, California

Vehicle Recovery

Needing your vehicle recovered from a ditch or a trench, or maybe even from a beach with minimal to no damage. Our highly skilled specialist, who are trained and certified, can assist with recovering ... Read more
Tow truck pulling car - Emergency service towing in Oxnard, California

Deck & Undecking Trucks

What is decking and undecking? They are when multiple vehicles or trucks are stacked on top of each other and towed to an auto shop or a new destination where they need to be. We also undeck the ... Read more
Towing Service - Emergency service towing in Oxnard, California

Winching Services

Stuck in ditch or embankment and need assistance to get out, Owl Towing & Storage is the company to call when you are stuck. Equipped with heavy duty trucks, they are able to assist with getting you ... Read more

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